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By being the leading name in providing state of the art and innovative stairs alongside stair kits and finest pre assembled stairs, we have made our customers satisfied with us. We guarantee that our products ranging from timber, pine and merbau stairs are of the finest material all across Australia and are engraving their durability, longevity and reliability all throughout the years.

Not only are we successful in making the finest material but we are also giving benefits to other businesses and solitary members in big cities of Australia with high end internal as well as external timber stairs customized according to their needs for various proposals and projects they need to impart them to. We offer multiple stair footstep so you do not need to build it all by yourself one by one. Our stair kits are highly convenient and quick to use as we assemble our stairs with the adjustments that you need according to the dimensions of the place and the angles needed to be adjusted.

Our products are not only durable and reliable, but we also provide a versatile range of colors, textures, styles and designs to choose from. Our installation team makes sure that installing takes minimum time and minimum to no mess around as we also provide you with a complete set of bolts to make sure you do no have to waste time on the things that should not matter and only focus on the thing that matters, that is trusting in us and our services.

We deliver our product throughout the country, whether they include the main cities or outskirts of Australia, we make sure we deliver our product on time.

We focus on superb quality, and that is why our timber products are unbeatable and long lasting, as they are durable and we make sure that they are not prone to attacks by any kind of pests or termites. Our experts have a profound experience in giving the best quality product without any faults. We also provide you with the best range to select from. Our high end timber stairs are exotic and come in a versatile range of colours and patterns so you do not have to worry about it. It matches to any of the themes you select for your living or working space. The design will always suit well with the overall ambience.

We understand the intricacy and beauty of the timber and therefore we always make sure to preserve its natural beauty in a way that is least affected by the colors and patterns we cut the wood into for inside or external timber stairs and it looks nothing less than a classic aesthetic for your home or work environment.

Australia’s Trendiest Timber Stairs

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