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Driving a car is not an easy thing as there is a lot of responsibility on the driver. He or she has to take responsibility of the car, people in it and also others on road. A minor fault by a driver can turn into a gloomy affair. Every country has laws and regulations for driving. One of the most hated things is drink and driving. It is not always considered to be a crime unless the driver does something wrong or gets caught through breath test. There are different kinds of facts in this case. Driving under the influence of drug or alcohol is not the only things that are condemned. But there are also other charges. And a drug driving lawyer in Parramatta is of utmost important when one is charged with DUI offence.

Other charges:
Driving in a condition of intoxication is criminal offence in the eyes of law. But there are many other things that can make one considered to be an offender. These things are driving while drunk and driving under the influence of drug. Refusing a breath analyses or test and urine or blood test is also considered as criminal offence. If one refuses to go to a police station, it will be definitely considered as a criminal offence. Driving under influence and PCA or exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol is charged under drunken driving cases. If one is considered to be an offender, it is necessary to take advice of a drunk driving lawyer.

Criminal liability:
Accidents happen due to such cases. The offence depends on the level of accidents. The offender is slapped with negligence charge in case of a minor accident. But in case of an accident where someone dies while the driver was driving knowing that he was drunk is considered to be issue of criminal liability. In such cases, the offender is bound to face a court case. He or she is liable for compensation to the victim. The revocation or suspension of driving licence is another thing that can happen. It can really hit hard at the finances of the offender. The licence can be suspended without court order when he or she gets convicted. The licence can only be got back after all the court case is over. For more information, please log on to https://www.criminal-andtrafficlaw.com.au/law-firms.jpg

Criminal Liability And Driving

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